Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rockstars have moved! Visit them on Moonlight Vizslas!

The Rockstars have moved! Please visit them on the Moonlight Vizslas Website to see their individual puppy pages.

(in birth order)

BISS GCH CH Moonlight’s Old Time Rock’N Roll, JH CGC “Seger”
Moonlight’s Rock of Ages, JH “Szikla”
Moonlight’s Lovers Rock, RN “Zali”
Moonlight’s Rock-A-Bye Baby “Lacey”
Moonlight Rock You Like a Hurricane, SH “Arrow”
GCH Moonlight’s Rock’N Ow’T, JH RN CGC “Zene”
Moonlight’s I Love Rock’N Roll, JH “Mila”
Moonlight’s Rockit “Tobias”
GCH CH Moonlight’s Rock’N In The Free World “Indy”