Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rock N' Rolla

Nothing new to report by way of litter information ... (sorry).
However, Miss Csilla got a new collar representing her Rock N' Rolla blog colors (red & black). Very stylish ; )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Bump?

Do I look fat?

Here are two comparison photos of Csilla, one last month, and one today. Is that a baby bump?! Its probably too early to tell because she is only 2 weeks along, but its fun to think about, isn't it ; )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making a "Love Connection" ... long distance!!!

Rocky, the sire of our future litter lives all the way across the country in Maryland with his owners Ania and Rachel Kelly of Willorunn Vizslas. That means getting Csilla pregnant required some interference from the "humans" (i.e. breeders Karen & Sean Lake).

Csilla came into season on February 12th, shortly after, she was progesterone tested every few days to determine the optimum fertility date (i.e. ovulation). To read more about dog pregnancy visit this webpage: Understanding Canine Pregnancy.

During the last week of February, Csilla paid a visit to highly recommended reproduction vet, Dr. Becky Williams at the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. While out on the East Coast, Rocky was ummm, how do I say, well, he was "collected" at his vet at the Olney-Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital. Needless to say, there was a bit of a mix up early on with Csilla's early progesterone numbers, so Rocky had his "manhood" collected and shipped via Fed Ex three times! He started to enjoy the vet after a couple visits (wink wink). Special thanks to "Team Rocky", team members include his owner Rachel, and helper Deb who escorted Rocky to his 1st insemination appointment. Thanks!

On February 27th, Csilla's progesterone levels were perfect for breeding, and the tech at Yorba Regional performed her third and final insemination.

After 28 days, Csilla will undergo an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, this will happen the last week of March 2010. Fingers are crossed for future "Rockstars"!

Stay tuned for updates!