Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rockstars have moved! Visit them on Moonlight Vizslas!

The Rockstars have moved! Please visit them on the Moonlight Vizslas Website to see their individual puppy pages.

(in birth order)

BISS GCH CH Moonlight’s Old Time Rock’N Roll, JH CGC “Seger”
Moonlight’s Rock of Ages, JH “Szikla”
Moonlight’s Lovers Rock, RN “Zali”
Moonlight’s Rock-A-Bye Baby “Lacey”
Moonlight Rock You Like a Hurricane, SH “Arrow”
GCH Moonlight’s Rock’N Ow’T, JH RN CGC “Zene”
Moonlight’s I Love Rock’N Roll, JH “Mila”
Moonlight’s Rockit “Tobias”
GCH CH Moonlight’s Rock’N In The Free World “Indy”

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LACY goes to her forever home!

LACY (formally known as P!nk/Neon Pink Girl) joined her forever home with Jeff & Alicia and their kids; Jennesa, Devin and Daniel in El Cajon, CA. Lacy will live with her half brother, Orion, and enjoy lots of play time with the neighborhood kids. Orion is a great hunting dog and we hope Lacy follows in his footsteps.

Goodbye Lacy we will miss you!

ZENE stays at Moonlight Vizslas!

ZENE (formally known as Stevie/Silver Girl) will stay at Moonlight Vizslas. The Rockstar Litter far exceeded my expectations in type and temperament and so I've decided to keep a girl for myself. Zene (who's name means "music" in Hungarian) will compete in conformation and who knows what else - most likely Rally, Hunt and Field.

Zene you can stay!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SZIKLA goes to his forever home!

SZIKLA (formally know as Bono/Navy Boy) joined his forever home with Bill & Kristin and their daughters; Erin, Annika & Ellory in Cardiff, CA. They are long time Vizsla owners and are so happy to have a new puppy in the home. Szikla will compete in show and hopefully hunt a few birds in addition to being a well-loved member of his family.

Goodbye Szikla we will miss you!

ARROW goes to his forever home!

ARROW (formally know as Iggy/Orange Boy) joined his forever home with Debi & Richard in Sierra Madre, CA. They had been waiting for their puppy for a long time and are so happy to have him home. Arrow will dabble in the show ring and tackle some birdwork when he gets old enough. I could not be happier that Arrow lives with them!

Goodbye Arrow we will miss you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SEGER goes to his forever home!

SEGER (formally know as Justin Timberlake/Purple Boy) joined his forever home with Steve & Vicky and Kubi (who is 1/2 brother to Zsiggy), Murphy, Molly and Belle in Long Beach, CA. JT will compete in agility and show, with a few birds and perhaps some tracking thrown in for good measure.

Goodbye Seger we will miss you!

MILA goes to her forever home!

MILA (formally known as Joan Jett/Lime Girl) joined her forever home with Cathy and Andrew in Encinitas, CA. Mila is their first Vizsla, and they are looking forward to having many adventures with her! Mila will complete in the show ring and Andrew can't wait to hunt train with her. She is a lovely and busy little puppy who will be a great addition to their home.

Goodbye Mila we will miss you!

INDIANA goes to his forever home!

INDIANA aka INDY (formally known as Elton/Turquoise Boy) joined his forever home with Danielle, Travis, Drew and Buster (the Boxer) in Carlsbad, CA . INDY is Danielle's second Vizsla (she had one growing up) and the whole family (including extended family!) is excited to have a new Vizsla addition to their home. INDY has a friend at home, a Boxer named Buster to play with - and lots of room to run. We look forward to INDY making his debut in the show ring and perhaps hunting a bird or two.

Goodbye Indy we will miss you!

TOBIAS goes to his forever home!

TOBIAS (formally known as Jagger/Red Boy) joined his forever home with Emily in Chicago, IL. SYD is her first Vizsla, and she is so excited to test his versatility in a multitude of arenas - Emily has plans to do obedience and show, with some agility and therapy dog work as well. SYD is a friendly, outgoing and sweet boy who will thrive in an active home.

Goodbye Toby we will miss you!

ZALI goes to her forever home!

ZALI (formally Blondie/Yellow Girl) joined her forever home with Heike and Neil in Solana Beach, CA. Zali is their first Vizsla, and they plan to first and foremost - love her to pieces - and even compete in show and possibly hunt activities later on. Zali is a sweet as can be girl and perfect for this newly married couple.

Goodbye Zali we will miss you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go Home Day is approaching . . .

Moonlight Vizsla "Go Home Day Puppy" Bags

Several of The Rockstars are headed home this weekend. "Go Home Day" is always bittersweet for me as their breeder. The pups are ready to start bonding with their forever homes and they need the one on one attention from their new families to continue their lifelong journey as wonderful and loving companions. My puppies are sent home with almost everything they need to get started in life (except the crate), i.e. chewies, leash and collar for puppy training, book, literature, toys, Kong and toothbrush. This ensures the owners hit the ground running and focus on housebreaking, socialization and training right away. As well as lots of puppy breath, snuggles and hugs.

Field Trip : Week Eight

The Rockstars hit the FARM! For their eight week litter evaluations and Field Trip, The Rockstars headed to Briarcliff farm to be evaluated by a well known and respected handler and breeder of GSP's. While they waited for their turn to be stacked on the "table" they were able to run and play in the paddock area.

Oh boy - OH BOY did they have FUN and get soooo DIRTY! Digging, rolling and playing in the dirt for hours meant a mandatory bath time after this Field Day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our "granny" Rachel loves us!

Our "granny" Rachel loves us! Rachel (Rocky's owner) came all the way from Maryland just to visit with The Rockstars this weekend. She said over and over how gorgeous and well tempered all the puppies were, AND she and gave them lots of snuggles and kisses.

Rachel had the pups standing like pros for their 7 1/2 week old evaluations - they LOVED the cheese dipped in baby food.

Rachel and her family have been involved in Vizslas since the 1970's (Willorunn Vizslas). Having puppy evaluations done by someone so well versed in our breed was a tremendous help - in looking at both overall conformation - and temperament. What a pleasure to have her travel all this way to see the babies.

I could not be more proud of the Rocky x Csilla Rockstar Litter, each pup has far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Rachel and come back anytime!

Field Trip : Week Seven

The Rockstars take on Palm Springs! Field Trip to La Quinta near Palm Springs this week to a friend’s house. The pups had a BLAST running around in the gorgeous resort-like backyard. They got to meet two wonderful Beagles (Shelby & Bentley) as well two Vizslas, Willow (age 12) and Lola (age 2). What a fun trip! The day ended perfectly with Mexican food for the humans – and a looooong nap during the 2 1/2 hour drive home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Field Trip : Week Six

The Rockstars enjoyed another field trip today, this time to my friend's house in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. They romped around in the beautiful landscaping, and did some potties in the grass. They were as sweet as pups can be to three-year-old, Oskari. After all the fun all nine fell asleep in their crate which was attached to the x-pen while the humans chit-chatted.

After the field trip, they accompanied me to refill the Audi gas tank, and also went through a drive-thru car wash.

Lots of new experiences today for the little Rockers and Rockettes!

Photos by Taryn

My talented photographer friend, Taryn, took some photos of The Rockstars, here are a couple of my favs. You can see more of Taryn's work on her website: http://photosbytaryn.com/

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rockstars Families ROCK !!!

Over the past few weeks, The Rockstars have been lucky enough to have their future "families" come and visit them. In talking about puppies, and all things Vizsla, both good and bad, I realize more than ever how wonderful all the future families are . . . and how lucky each pup will be when join their new homes in a few weeks. I have no doubt the families are looking forward to sharing their lives - and hearts - with one of these outstanding pups as well.

These are truly very special pups ~ and they are going to very special homes.

Cold Outside!

Today is pretty cold outside for Southern CA so the pups are relaxing and playing indoors.
Of course everyone has been outside to potty in the cold air, adult dogs will have to do potty's in the cold, so pups need to learn the same thing.

Chillaxin' in the Kitchen

The pups spent the evening in the kitchen doing what they do best, playing and sleeping.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The many faces of Bono

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Holiday Week . . .





The pups enjoyed more of the same on Thanksgiving, lots of playing, eating, peeing and sleeping. And they really didn't care much about Black Friday . . .
mostly due to they are PUPPIES!